Thursday, 23 April 2015

What does Monetize exactly mean?

Various ways of creating income streams. For example, if you put Google Adsense ads on your blog you are monetizing it with Google's PPC affiliate program. It you were selling a product of your own and you placed a banner on your website that led to your sales page that is monetizing it.

You can "monetize" on this answer above by implementing those two strategies,
as opposed to just reading them and not implementing them.

In simple Language: (My version).

Some examples:

You can turn an "idea" into money by bringing it to life.
(create a product that sells, or an income producing website, (Facebook and Youtube were good ideas) and you just monetized your idea.

You can turn your knowledge and skills into money.
(write a book about stuff you know, and if it sells, you just monetized your knowledge and skills).

You can turn web traffic into money.
(Warrior Forum converts their current traffic into money by offering the WSO section for a fee to Internet Marketers who want to sell products.
WF monetizes its forum traffic.

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