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How can you make $10,000 a month with article marketing?


Alot of people make Article Marketing much harder than it has to be. They have these corny perceptions of having to be a great writer and building authority and all of this other garbage that stops a ton of people from even starting. 

I'm going to give you a quick and dirty plan here that has worked for me time and time again. More importantly, it worked for me before I "knew" anything at all really. Before I knew any "tricks" and was still extremely wet behind the ears. 

Niche selection - Pick a niche that is embarrassing for people. something that they don't want to talk to other people about. Something that puts them in a desperate situation. 

Here are a couple examples:

  • Picking up chicks
  • Catch your spouse cheating
  • Yeast infections
  • man boobs
  • Penis enlargement
I know alot of people will tell you to pick something your passionate about, but just forget about that for a bit, unless you are passionate about stuff that people want to buy. 

Pick something that people are more likely to go online to buy than to walk into a retail outlet and pick up. Hopefully, that makes sense to you.

Once you have your niche, you will want to of course grab some keywords. 

KEYWORD RESEARCH - Again, I'm going to go against the grain here. Forget about results in quotation marks and all that other stuff. What you want to look at is the number of sites that are actually actively competing in your niche. The easiest way to do this is to find the number of sites that are rockin your keywords inurl and inachor. I would like to get into that a little more, but honestly, you could fill up about 10 pages on it...

The other thing you want to look at is what *kind* of site that Google is ranking on the first page for your keyword. What you want to see is:

  1. Article directories
  2. Web2.0 sites
  3. Yahoo Answers
  4. etc..
Basically, you want to see the types of sites that other marketers are using to rank. If Google will let them on the first page, they will let you on the first page. The key here is to understand that the other marketers that are using those sites to rank are in most cases - Hit and runners. They throw up 500 words of content, throw 10 backlinks to it and if it ranks, it ranks. If not, they move onto the next thing. 

So, your goal is to either completely overtake their ranking or to slide into a supplemental slot - Believe it or not, there is a lot of traffic to be had there. The key here is to provide updated content and some decent backlinks. 

When I say updated content, what I mean is to add new posts to your 2.0 sites etc so that Google sees your content is staying fresh, unlike your competitor who probaby will never add another word to their page for as long as they live.

ARTICLE TITLES - Your article titles should be keyword rich and FULL OF HYPE. Think of the most outrageous claim that you can think of and still tell the truth and then go with it. The more outrageous it is, the more people will read it. 

A good way to come up with titles is to use the hyped up bullet points from the sales pages. You will have no problem finding hype on a sales page lol

ARTICLE CONTENT - This is where it gets a little dicey. I know that the ebooks train you to write award winning stuff and to provide oodles and oodles of conent so that the reader thinks you are a rocket scientist, right? But, let me ask you this - If you give all the info in the article, why the hell would they click throuh on your resource box?

Ideally, you want to focus on pain! If you are pitching an ebook on how to find out if your wife is sleeping with the mail man. Make your content, call out the husbands pride - Piss him off. "Chances are good that your wife is banging the mail man right now" or "Do you wonder why your wife doesn't want to sleep with you anymore? Do you think it has something to do with the fact she is having sex with the mail man?" 

You can do the same thing with just about EVERY single niche. I don't want to inform the reader - I want to coax them into clicking my link! They can be informed when the pay $49.99. 

RESOURCE BOX - Here you want to reinforce the fact that you have the answer to their problem. I see so many people type a life history in the resource box. Do you really think the reader cares how old you are or where you went to college? Probably not! What they want to do is pay you $49.99 for an ebook to solve their problem.

So, if your pitching an ebooks that is going to show Johnny how to get rid of his man boobs, it might be something like this:

Want to get out of a b-cup and into a t-shirt? CLICK HERE!
I consistently get CTR's of 30%+ with resource boxes just like that. 

There are obviously other steps here such as promoting your articles with backlinks and repurposing your content, but I think most of that stuff is talked about so often that it should be for the most part common knowledge. 

Personally, I think that most new people to article marketing fail or don't do as well as they could because they are still trying to do "their fathers" article marketing if you know what I mean. 

Marketing with articles has gotten more aggressive even since I started doing in in December of 2007. You really have to think outside of the box a little bit and find creative ways to get eyes on your articles. More importantly, to get as many people as possible to click on your resource box links. 

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