Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Need Help?...3 Simple Ways You Can Get an Experienced Marketer to Help You

1. Do a proper search using the Search function

When you have a question, I am sure it is classified under a certain topic such as "Adsense", "blogging", "squeeze page"

Identify that these are keywords which you can easily key into the search function.

Spend about 10 mins searching for it and I am sure you can get to read similar thread which you can learn from.

Even if they do not address your question, you can pose in the same thread and other Warriors will most likely respond because you bother to spend time searching for it and you replied in a related thread.

I always go to the profile url and click on "past posts" or "past threads started by the warrior"

You will be surprised to find more gems of knowledge littered among the many posts and threads.

Open a notepad and copy and paste those notes you want to keep for future reference.

2. Ask what you can contribute to other Warriors

What you want to seek may or may not be found in the forum. We won't know. 

Warrior forum is very big and Google is much bigger.

Go to Google.com to search for what you want. You may find something useful and what you can do next is contribute what you have found in the forum.

Post what you have found. I am sure many Warriors will appreciate your posting because you are helping and what you have solved may be same as what others are facing too.

This is a good approach because...

firstly, you have learnt how to solve your future problems by looking at other sources

secondly, you get to help other Warriors and I do believe in the replies of the thread you started, there will be new ideas and comments and you will grow to a higher height in the process of sharing what you know.

This is the best gift you can give for yourself because the eagerness to learn and to solve your own problems is one of the very important factors to succeed in your business.

3. Be respectful and share genuine interest in what other Warriors are doing
Yes, there are many experienced marketers in this forum such as Michael Mayo, Andy Henry, Bev Clement and many more...

They are very busy people and I really appreciate their time for coming to this forum to see what sort of help they can give.

Of course, they can't help everyone here but what I respect most is they are always eager to give back to the forum.

So if you want to learn more about specific topic, go check out their signature for their blog urls, sales pages etc...

Go find out what they are doing.

You can always use the PM feature and first share with them specifically what you like about their work and ask a question.

If they reply, thank them. Give them 2 to 5 days. It is worth the wait.

If they don't reply, no hard feelings. Most likely they didnt check their PM. Drop them a reminder.

Respected Warriors like John Taylor, Paul Myers will do their best to help. Sometimes they are just too busy, they will reply they can't help at the moment.

Respect them...thank them and move on...At least now you are taking action to control your destiny and guarantee your own success.

Another way is opt into their list and follow their newsletters..go read their blogs...

In summary, you realise what I have shared here is these you can do...it is only when you take ownership of your life and your action...you will succeed...

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