Sunday, 19 April 2015

A Quick Way to Put $1,000 into Your Paypal Account

Hi all, just wanted to let you know on a 'test strategy' I did that got me a client paying $1,000 for about 2 hours of work (this includes getting the client and the execution of the work)

1. I noticed while doing some google searches that someone had page 1 ranking for a search term and it was a wordpress blog NOT hosted on their own domain - it was on wordpress (e.g. "")

2. I emailed the owner of the wordpress blog 2 brief paragraphs saying basically:

- you have a nice site, ranking well on google page 1 except you have a major risk exposed to your business. Wordpress does not like companies hosting blogs on wordpress that are commercial and whether it is today, tomorrow, or in the near future, you are exposed to wordpress simply deleting your blog that must have taken a fair bit of energy to create. It happened to me once and cost me some money as I was ranking on google page 1 in number 1 position.

If you are interested, I can help you eliminate any risk of you losing your blog for a fee of $1,000. That would involve transferring it completely to your own hosted domain, you have full control now in the future and no one can then delete your blog!

Everything will be the same and as an added benefit, you can get better search engine optimization with added plug ins and I can also put an RSS feed onto your blog.

Now I know the above paragraphs are not 'ad copy' optimized - nevertheless, it worked, 
1.The prospect said yes
2. I sent the company an invoice via paypal functionality
3. $1,000 came into my account and I got the info to log into the wordpress blog hosted on wordpress.

4. I spent 15 minutes on the phone helping him with a domain name to use. 
5. He set up a namecheap acct. and a hosting acct. at dreamhost
6. I got the access info
7. I went over to scriptlance, posted a job description to transfer the existing wordpress hosted blog over to own hosted WP blog (including all the comments as his blog had a lot of user comments)
8. Cost of scriptlance resource- $80

Hmmm...2 hours of my time, net profit of $920...

Anyhow, hope it helps fire up some ideas to all of you and feel free to test out the fee you charge as one thing that is interesting, is I now am getting other work from that company so the continuity is an added benefit.

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