Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Test Your Niche Marketing Skills ...Will They Swim or Sink?

There’s been tons of information in this forum on how to find a niche, almost ad nauseam. But few if any tips have been provided on how to keep a niche strong after you find it.

With stiffer completion by the day coming at you, if you fail to keep the niche you find strong, you can easily lose it.

This is one of the first forms I use to hand my clients to help me (and them) assess where they are in their niche marketing process.

I found many were able to improve their results from asking and responding to this 10 question quiz alone. And those who didn’t could look back and analyze why they failed with more confidence and make quicker mid-course corrections.

You may get one of the same results. Doesn’t hurt to try.

Note: Give yourself one point for each yes answer.

1. I’ve found a 'sticky' money making niche. Example, a niche market with an ongoing (repeat customer) problem.

2. I have my competitive advantages written down and routinely work to add to the list each month, week … or day.

3. I know my competitive advantages well enough to give a smooth elevator pitch.

4. I provide an extra service to my prospects or customers my competitors don’t.

5. I aggressively solicit (even bribe) my customers for suggestions, comments, questions or even complaints.

6. I routinely look for ways to step out of my marketing, sales, or service comfort zone.

7. I know my competitors latest competitive advantages over my product or service.

8. I can display my product/service advantages through demonstration.

9. I can display my product/service advantages through comparison.

I can display my product/service advantages through contrast.

Whatever your final score was, it’s not to condemn or congratulate, it’s merely to point out possible areas of improvement or warning signs.

In today’s competitive marketplace, success is becoming a game of inches. Every little advantage helps if you exploit it, and every window of opportunity hurts if you miss it.

Hopefully, this simple quiz can help someone get that game-changing yard or two closer to the goal line or even over it.

As always I invite your questions, comments or complaints.

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