Monday, 15 April 2013

How to Create Online Videos That Generate Cash And Attract Traffic

Creating online videos and marketing videos is the latest tool in the hands of the internet marketer. This medium has achieved huge popularity among the net surfers and is still climbing to greater heights. But, similar to all other marketing tools, marketing videos and creating online videos have their own rules and frameworks to be adopted. Let us a grip of the basics involved.

Creative Titles

Titles are the landing area or the primary point of attention for the viewer. Therefore, writing the title should be the most important exercise in creating online videos or marketing videos.


No one would want to look at a poor quality video. But, that does not mean that you should employ professionals and use professional equipment. Simply ensure that the video quality is good and the audio is perfect too.

Give out the message straight

After watching the video, the viewer should be clear on the message it carried. Misleading and confusing videos do not bring you the results and can potentially drive the customer away.

Keep it short

A 3 minute video is considered ideal to drive your message home. Consider the short span of attention that can be expected from internet viewers. Longer videos tend to take away the attention of your target.

Connect to your web site

Obviously, you will incorporate your website address to the video. Make sure to place this in the description part (if applicable) and gently lead the viewer to your website.
When you adopt these measures, you will be on the highway to creating online videos and marketing videos.

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