Thursday, 18 April 2013

Google Adsense Tips For Creating And Borrowing Content

When writing content for earning money with google adsense, you have alot of options at your disposal. You can write your own content, or use free articles - and this is what this article will touch on.

When you write your own content, you have the expertise of your niche in your hands. No one knows your audience better than you do, so you can write your articles with your intended reader in mind. You can choose the length of your article, you can structure your article for SEO benefits, and you can write your article so that you get relevant google adsense ads showing up on your site. All of these options are available to you when you create your own content.

Here are some tips if you are going to create your own content:

1) Keep it relevant

You will want to write articles that are relevant to theme of your website. Nothing aggravates a reader more than viewing articles that aren’t consistent to what they’re writing about. In addition to this, you will want to keep your articles relevant so that you can get the proper google adsense ads showing up on your website. 

2) Write 300-500 word articles

This is the standard length of most articles online and you can get good seo rankings with articles of this length. You will want your articles to be of high quality and educate your reader also. When you do this, not only will your fan base view you more of an expert, but they will visit your site more often to view what you have to write. With more visits to your website, your google adsense income will increase.

3) Keep in mind keyword density

You want to use your keyword sparingly throughout your article so that you can get relevant google adsense ads to show up on your website. When you choose your keywords carefully, you increase the chances of earning money with adsense because the ads that show up are highly relevant to what you’re writing about. And nothing increases your adsense revenue faster than having highly relevant ads.

These are the benefits you have when you write your own content. But when you use free articles, you have a few benefits and drawbacks as well.

A benefit of using free articles is that you have instant content for your website. This means all you have to do is get some web content and put it on your site, and you will have relevant content that you readers will find helpful. Also, your google adsense ads will be relevant too even though it wasn’t an article that you wrote yourself.

The drawback of this method is that you have to keep the author’s byline intact. You have to figure out if this is problem for you or not because a few of your readers may go to another author for a source of information. Aside from this aspect, and the aspect of quality, using free content is something that you should use and is something that can increase your adsense income dramatically.

Good luck with increasing your google adsense income.

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