Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ebook Writing Tips - Secrets Of Fast Ebook Writing

Writing an e-book does not have a regular format simply because it is not a traditional book format. But, e-book writing can certainly be made easier.

Personal endeavors

First and foremost, decide why you want to write an e-book? What is your purpose? What do you hope to achieve? Be honest with yourself. After sorting out these issues, make a SWOT analysis of your strengths as a writer, your inabilities and how to overcome them. Then, critically analyze the publishing opportunities or avenues open to you. Finally, study your competition - this is closely related to your purpose. Who else is writing e-books on the same topic as yours? Which websites are accepting books on topics chosen by you? What is the success rate of these websites? Is establishing your own website a better business option? After settling such administrative issues, turn to more focal areas of writing.

- Make a plan of things and activities you do everything - list them and write about them in a witty manner

- Organize your thoughts, jot down some ideas, and begin writing. Let it flow and go back and edit later. It is easier to write about a topic you are passionate about or a topic that solves a problem.

External help

You find that you are not equipped to market your book. Always remember that electronic book writing is an umbrella term encompassing writing as marketing the electronic book. You can improve and develop your writing skills with Internet software writing tools. You can download electronic book formats in the form of scripts. Get help and install PDF formats enabling consumers to download your book. Go in for credit card processing payment methods through affiliate networks.

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