Sunday, 7 April 2013

Article Marketing For Affiliate Sales - Article Marketing Elimates The Competition

Article marketing is a great way for affiliate marketers to make money online by elimating the competition.

With affiliate marketing via paid mediums such as solo ads you are competiting with lots of other entrepreneurs all promoting the same affiliate offers to the same email lists.

But with article marketing you get to escape the fish pond that is solo ads email subscribers, and tap into the ocean of millions and millions of internet browsers who probably have never even heard of your affiliate offer before.

In this article I will quickly go over a simple yet effective article marketing strategy for affiliate marketers, as well as reveal the best way to make money from all your article traffic.

In order to generate lots of traffic from your articles you will need to do some basic keyword research and pick a keyword to base each article around. 

Don't just target obvious generic keywords like "Make Money Online", and instead try to find long tail keyword variations that will get easier traffic away from all the competition.

Long tail keyword traffic is underrated. You don't get as many visitors as you would do with ranking on the front page of Google for a major phrase. But it is an easier and more predictable method for beginners to start getting some traffic coming into their website.

You don't need any expensive keyword research software to pick out these phrases. Just use the free Google Keyword Tool.

The strategy that I follow after writing an article is to first publish it to my own blog. I then wait for it to be indexed in the search engines and then I will distribute that same article to lots of article directories. I will keep the article content the same, but might tweak the title a bit to make a new long tail keyword for each publication.

Then you can make even more use out of each piece of content by converting them to PDF documents and submitting to document sharing websites as well as creating video slideshows out of your articles.

The key is to make the most out of every single piece of content that you write by syndicating it all over the internet. Each publication may only get a few visitors arriving to your website, but it really does add up the more content you have out there.

If you stay consistent with your article writing and syndication then after a while you will have more than enough traffic coming into your website each and every day. Just see it as a long term strategy.

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