Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Ebook Publishing - Pitfalls To Take Note Of

Writing E-books

Writing is not easy. It requires an open mind. An open mind allows creativity and enjoyment. But, you need to have a specific subject and target audience in mind. You are writing the book for someone for the purpose of making money and earning a good reputation. E-books also invite the same amount of homework and enjoyment. But, many times electronic books fall flat incurring huge monetary losses as well as a beating of your reputation.

Avoiding the dangers

Focus: Always begin small - start thinking with a small topic in mind and do not try to cover too much ground. The result should be haphazard for instance if writing about the problems faced by a single working mom - stick to your focus and do not get distracted into writing about problems of motherhood in general. If writing about gardening tulip bulbs, write about that specific topic only. You have an advantage in e-book writing - there is no minimum word count limit. Your book can be fifty pages or a thousand pages long.

Always keep in mind that your reader will be reading your book in a downloadable format in a short frame of time. The reader will have no patience if you wander in your writing. Remember that you do not have the freedom to meander and play with words as in a conventional book. You need to be focused using precise and accurate facts including language.

- Have a compelling and attractive title for your e-book

- Make sure your book always caters to the needs, demands, attitudes of your niche audience

- Ensure that you concentrate only on writing and have a lot of technical support for activities of delivery and payment.

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