Saturday, 23 March 2013

Secrets To Building A Huge Network Marketing Downline Fast

These downline MLM network marketing recruiting secrets will help you recruit more people into your home based business by leveraging the power of internet marketing strategies and automated systems.

Many entrepreneurs in the MLM industry spin their wheels by trying to recruit people into their business by speaking to leads on the phone all day and by meeting people in person at presentations. But there is a better way. And that better way for MLM downline recruiting involves automating your marketing with the internet and automating the closing of sales with turnkey systems and processes.

Article Marketing - One of the most powerful forms of recruitment in the online network marketing industry is by writing articles and blog posts. I advice you to write at least one keyword target article a day and post it to your online business blog. Then take that article and submit it to a number of high quality article directories for additional search engine traffic. Do this on a daily basis for at least 90 days straight, and the traffic you will receive will really start to snowball.

Facebook MLM Recruitment - Facebook is a great way to recruit people into your MLM downline. It is also one of the methods that duplicate the best. The key is to perform targeted searches on the social networking site to find other entrepreneurs who are in your same geographical area and who have similar interests to you. The aim is to strike up a conversation and build a friends list of contacts in the industry. When you have broken down the barriers of trust, you can gently point people towards your business opportunity. This method requires little skill and simply the ability to get on well with people. Your downline are likely going to be able to duplicate this as well because it does not depend on them understanding technical marketing strategies.

Video Marketing - I have found that one of the easiest ways to recruit people into your network marketing downline is by publishing videos online. These can simply be short videos of you giving general business advice and tips and just sharing the company that you are involved in. Just be yourself and people will relate to you. People don't join business opportunities for the company benefits or compensation plan, they choose to work with other entrepreneurs specifically regardless of what the attached opportunity is.

As you apply the above recruiting strategies to your MLM advertising campaigns, the key is to drive the traffic that you generate to a lead capture page to build your list of business opportunity seekers. Then follow-up via email on a daily basis and get as many eyeballs as possible onto the video presentation for your MLM company that closes the sales on your behalf.

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