Saturday, 23 March 2013

2 Underutilized Ways Of Getting Website Traffic

Every so often I get asked by my cousin how to get traffic to a website. I tell him that there are so many different ways, but the bulk of his traffic would come down to using about 6 unique strategies. Now at the moment, I am sick and tired of answering this question from my cousin because he fails to put it into action. So I have refused to counsel him as he begins his internet marketing journey.

If that sounds kind of harsh, then I don’t know what to tell you. It’s very frustrating to give someone some good advice over and over again - and then see them not put it into action. So I’m going rouge and will let him fend for himself in the internet marketing jungle.

This is why I hate giving out free ebooks and courses about internet marketing. People will read and listen to everything you have to say, and then not follow what you have told them. But hopefully you are different and will take the tips in today’s lesson, and apply it to your internet business.

I want to share with you some traffic strategies that are pretty good when it comes to driving highly qualified people to your website. These tips are cheap and effective, and will benefit you in the long run. I have tried these strategies, and they work well for me. Here’s the first traffic strategy that you should do:

1) Offline classified advertising

There are many people who wade through the classified ad section of the newspaper and niche magazines looking for a cool deal. And believe it or not, you’ll get more targeted prospects and traffic to your site using offline classified advertising, as opposed to online classified advertising.

Why is this? Well, the people who do online classified advertising are other business owners who post their ad on these sites too. So what you end up with is a ton of ads from online business owners, who will never buy your product because that’s not what they’re on the site for.

But with offline classified advertising, you will get people from all walks of life viewing your ad, and responding because they found it interesting. People are much more likely to buy from your offline classified ad, as opposed to your online classified ad. Here’s another good quick traffic tip:

2) Submitting to ezines

Ezine marketing and submitting your content to the ezine directories can be a great way to boost your sales and get more exposure from your content. There are many ezines out there, but you will want to start with something called the “directory of ezines”. 

Using this service, you can reach out to a number of ezine owners and give them content, all while they promote your article for you - along with your website information. It’s certainly something worth looking into.

Both of these traffic strategies are underutilized but are very powerful when it comes to generating sales for you. I highly suggest you consider them today.

Good luck with generating traffic to your website using these strategies.

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