Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blog Daily Tell Others Get Money

Sometime I'm a little surprised on how compicated people make the whole make money online thing.

After a few years of working online, and some pretty crazy and fruitless efforts.

I finally have if worked out.

Essentially, when you think about it, if you are blogging on a high authority website, eveything tends to boil down to 3 things.
  1. Blog Daily
  2. Tell Others
  3. Get Money
Now I know that sounds simple to you, but really, making money online in it's most basic form comes down to this.

Why you want to blog daily is to get the search engines to give your blog more authority, in order for your blog posts to rank higher. 

The more frequent and regular the activity the better.

Aside from search engine rankings, regardless of what you are blogging about, you'll probably want to use some form of social media to Tell Others.

This way other people can discover your blog and posts.

Posting to relevant Facebook groups is a great way to get a mass audiance of people interested in what you are blogging about.

Finally, Getting Money is all about having an effective monetization strategy for your posts and website.

Whether you wan't Advertising Revenue, you want to sell products, or promote a company, knowing how you will monetive the site should be part of your plan even before you start posting.

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