Tuesday, 26 March 2013

2 Ways To Create Value In Your Internet Business

I once heard from this famous celebrity that you need to learn how to “create value” in business. What exactly does this mean to you? To me, it means that you have to learn how to put together an offer that is too good to pass up. There are many ways of doing this online, and in today’s lesson, that’s exactly what I would like to show you how to do.

It doesn’t matter what you sell online. These tips for creating value will serve you well and help you to make more money with your website without spending a dime more on advertising. So are you ready to find out the “secret” ways to create value in your internet business? If so, then let’s take a look at tip number 1:

1) Add bonuses

Bonuses are an integral part of the selling process. Some people will buy your product based on the bonuses alone. Some people desire 1 particular bonus so much, that they will pay top notch money just to get their hands on that 1 bonus. I don’t know about you, but with antics like this, it should be a no-brainer to start adding bonuses into the mix right away.

And your bonuses don’t have to be outrageous. Nor should you give everything away. (You need to save some for the backend products that you sell). Simply select a few items that you think would be beneficial to your prospect or customer, and list it as a bonus. This is something that I do all the time, and it works incredibly well for me.

The more bonuses you have, the better. Now I said not to give everything away, but depending on your niche online, you can give away alot of stuff, and still have more “freebies” that you can offer on the backend also. Now that we’ve covered the first tip, here’s the second tip for creating value.

2) Deluxe packages

Deluxe packages work incredibly well in some industries. A deluxe package is simply when you offer your core item at a fixed price… and then you offer a “deluxe” package that compliments the core item in a way that it just wouldn’t make sense to have one without the other. And of course, the deluxe package should cost more than the core product. Let me give you a quick example:

Let’s say you were selling a book on joint venture marketing. You could sell the book for $20, and then for your deluxe package, offer legal forms, documents, joint venture proposal letters, and etc for $49. I think this is a good deal – especially since $49 isn’t a large price to pay for all of the goodies that you get in the deluxe package.

As you can see, creating value isn’t hard at all. Once you try it, you will see that a certain percentage of your client or customer base will purchase your deluxe package from you. It’s like making another sale without lifting a finger. That’s how important and effective that deluxe packages are, and how it’s a great way to create value in your business.

Take these tips and use them in your online business today.

Good luck with making these strategies work for you.

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