Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How Internet Network Marketing Gives You Freedom

Internet network marketing gives you freedom by enabling you to work from home and becoming your own boss. Gone are the days of asking permission to take a holiday or leave work early for the day. You can do what you want to do, when you want to do it with internet network marketing.

But this is the dream of literally millions of entrepreneurs all over the globe, yet there is a large proportion of people not living the dream.

In this article we will go over a powerful strategy for how to build a successful network marketing business online to attain that freedom, without going through the grind like most in our industry.

First of all, forget about all the old school network marketing recruitment strategies that you have been taught. I am talking about cold calling leads, prospecting in the supermarket, house parties and hotel presentations. Sure, these methods duplicate well and they do work. But they don't give you freedom.

You are using up all your free time by attending all these hotel meetings and speaking to people on the phone. You are selling the dream but living the nightmare. So I invite you to learn how to apply modern internet marketing strategies to your business so that you can automated your recruiting and live a more enjoyable lifestyle.

The first step is to learn internet marketing and how to apply this to recruitment into your home based business opportunity.

Combine free content marketing with a form of paid marketing each and every day. Over time you will be rewarded with the consistency in this.

With free content marketing, I am talking about article marketing, blogging, social media networking, and video marketing. If you publish daily keyword targeted content to your blog then over time you will have hundreds of these pages all attracting their own mini stream of visitors from the search engines.

Then when you take these blog posts and convert them into articles and syndicate them throughout a number of high quality article directories, and then make videos around these subjects and post to YouTube, and syndicate this work via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ then you will have thousands of backdoor entrances to your website and opportunity. Consistency really does pay off with this approach.

With paid advertising, one of the best ways to recruit into your internet network marketing business is with solo ads. This is a form of email marketing where you pay the publisher of a large email list to send out an advertisement for your company to their subscriber base. Yours will be the only ad displayed in that entire email and thus the response rate is often very good.

Now you are generating leads with free and paid marketing, it is now time to monetise these leads and live the life of freedom you got into the business for in the first place.

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