Friday, 30 November 2012

YouTube Comment Rater + Insane People With Lots of Money = Instant Mega Profits!

If you've ever read through the comments thread under an average YouTube video, you might be inclined to come away feeling very depressed about the state of humanity. They're full of foul, hateful, and offensive language, racism, bullying, homophobia, quackery, political extremism, and even outright death threats. Most people think YouTube is full of children and teenagers anyway, which, might go some way to explaining the type of discourse you see in those comments. 

Most people are wrong though.

In fact, more than half of YouTube users actually fall into the 25-64 age range, and, more importantly, 60% of them take home more than $100,000 a year. In other words, even though YouTube seems to bring out the worst in people sometimes, it actually plays host to approximately 450,000,000 mature adults (age-wise, at least!) every month... and they have lots of money to spend.

And spend they will – the trick is getting them to spend it with YOU, instead of someone else. To do that, most businesses and marketers concentrate on making videos, and taking things from there. That certainly works, but it can be hard, time consuming, costly, and somewhat limited in scope unless you really know what you're doing.

What most businesses and marketers miss, however, is the enormous potential of YouTube comments feature. In fact, given the nature of the comments referred to above, most of them are actually scared away by it. 

However, posting comments yourself is easy, free, and (mostly) instantaneous. It is also unlimited in scope – nearly 10 YEARS of video content is uploaded to YouTube every day, so you'll never run out of places to post comments.

And the earning potential is simply staggering: YouTube is now the third biggest website in the entire world, second only to Google and Facebook. However, when it comes to video content, YouTube is the ONLY show in town... which means there are millions of dollars ripe for the taking in YouTube comments, especially if you aren't adverse to engaging in a bit of social engineering, black propaganda, and other assorted shenanigans along the way!

There is a catch though (isn't there always!): to extract maximum profits from YouTube, you should concentrate on the busiest videos, meaning those with the most people commenting on them. However, some of those have hundreds, and even thousands, of people posting comments at the same time. That means YOUR comments fly off the page almost the moment you hit the submit button!

The fact that you've read this far suggests you already know the answer to that dilemma: top comments! But, as you know, that's not as easy as it sounds; granted, you could pay someone on Fiverr to do it - assuming you can even get a response from anyone... there seems to be a lot of tumble weed blowing about those type of gigs! And do you really want to dish out $5 for every comment you make?

That's why automation is the way to go! However, it can be pretty hard to find a comment rater bot that still works. There is one though: YTBeast, developed by fellow Warrior Allby Sie. It's not the cheapest piece of software out there, but there's a very good reason for that: all the other bots died because they came into mass usage by huge numbers of people when their creators dropped their prices too low. That's what got YouTube's attention, and that's what got them killed. Those same low prices mean their creators can't afford to maintain and update their bots either, so their death was almost guaranteed anyway!

With YTBeast, you can do exactly what a comment rater should be able to do: comment on just about any video you like, and instantly vote it to the top. I don't think I need to explain the power of that. 

You can read about YTBeast here.

That's my affiliate link. If you buy it through there (and only there), you won't just get a fantastic working YouTube comment rater; I'll also send you a unique special report that will help you make the most of your new purchase. In it, you'll discover...
  • How to ruthlessly exploit the trust that people place in Google for your own personal financial gain! Google, which owns YouTube, is trusted implicitly by the average Internet user. That simple fact, when mixed with some basic human psychology, can easily be manipulated to your advantage to profit massively from almost ANY video on YouTube. This technique completely defies all conventional wisdomabout SEO, ranking, etc., but it works anyway (often in as little as 10 minutes!) and there's NOTHING YouTube (or Google) can do to stop it... ever!
  • Why you should take inspiration from Red China to stop your comments being reported and/or deleted! You can also combine that with a little-known feature in the YouTube comment box to cement your comments to the page even more. People will be too enthralled to report them, even if they hateyour guts!
  • How to use fake outrage to practically force people from YouTube to your own website! This age-old, proven technique can be easily applied to YouTube comments. Beware though: it's SO powerful, it has been made ILLEGAL in some parts of the world!
  • How unscrupulous marketers are cookie stuffing YouTube comments! Yes, really! Granted, it's anextremely unconventional way to do it, but it is still cookie stuffing, and it's happening on videos all over YouTube right now! I don't condone this, but it's actually quite easy for anyone with good PHP skills to do.
  • How to completely bypass YouTube's link filter so you don't have to rely on spaces, brackets, and other weird hacks any more! There are three different ways to do this (well, there are actuallyfour, but I can't reveal the last one!). The first exploits a fact about web browsers that, amazingly, YouTube seems to be unaware of! The second works because of how the Internet itself is made (and it is100% unblockable). The third one just throws the link-filter completely out the window, and allows youpost any full link you want, almost as if YouTube just turned off the link filter altogether!
  • How to get clickable blue links into ANY YouTube video that have comments turned on (which is most of them)! This section will be a big surprise. It is possible to get real, clickable links showing your domain ( into the comment section of any video. It's downright easy to do, in fact. However, they are not “regular” backlinks – they're actually MUCH better!
  • A little-known section of YouTube where you can freely post 1,000 word articles instead of videos! And there's NO approval process – you just copy-and-paste it right onto YouTube's PR9 domain! And you can even force any high-traffic video to let you funnel people over to read it!
  • How to adapt a little-known newspaper advertising technique for an instant and massive boost in readership of your comments! This quick and easy trick takes no time or skill to apply, but it is used by big ad agencies all the time - because it has been scientifically-proven to INCREASE readership and attention by 176%!

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