Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Affiliate Programs List - Where To Find Best Affiliate Programs Online

his list of affiliate programs and affiliate marketplaces will help you find the best affiliate programs online right now.

For me, the best affiliate programs always have an upsell sequence to give you the maximum lifetime value possible per customer (preferably in the hundreds of dollars).

One particular program that fits this bill is the $1K Per Day System.

Here is my list of affiliate programs and marketplaces:

Clickbank - This is an obvious choice and it is how I started making my first sales on the internet as a newbie. I would do Clickbank review sites for product name keywords and target the traffic that was about to buy. But to really make the most of Clickbank affiliate programs, you should do a search that orders them with the highest lifetime payout first and not just the highest initial sale. Look for products with recurring commissions and upsells to make the most money possible per sale.

ODigger and OfferVault - This are two excellent affiliate program directories that will help you find which products to promote. In addition to typical Cost Per Sale (CPS) products you can find CPA (Cost Per Action) and CPL (Cost Per Lead) affiliate programs to promote. This means you can actually make money without making a sale and just by referring people to a lead capture page. ODigger and OfferVault are great places to research which CPA networks to join.

Best CPA Affiliate Programs - There are more and more auto-approve CPA affiliate programs coming out right now. Usually you need to do a telephone interview so it is hard for newbies to get approved. But programs such as Laid Off To Paid Off (with the Zip Nada Zilch/ZNZ One affiliate program) and EZ Money Method (My PC Backup) affiliate program you can start promoting with immediate effect.

I hope this affiliate program list has got some ideas floating around your head.

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