Friday, 30 November 2012

Twitter Marketing Tips - 3 Tips For Using Twitter Effectively As a Social Marketing Tool

Twitter marketing has become a rage amongst many. I personally know people about whom I can safely say that they are addicted to Twitter. Life for them is simply about constantly checking their Twitter accounts and following the "Tweeting" of other "Tweeple". Even from a business marketing perspective, you stand to gain immensely from Tweeter; simply follow the tips listed below to gauge and imbibe powerful and effective Twitter marketing.

Tip 1: Follow the Twitters

You would be surprised to see all the Tweeting that is taking place around your company, product or brand. Simply log into Twitter and search by the aforementioned, and you will be amazed at the number and kinds of search results. All of these together will give you a good idea of the perception that your brand or product has, and you can then refine or continue your marketing strategy accordingly.

Tip 2: Keep the Community Informed

Once you have your Tweeter account created, be active in terms of all the Tweeting that you do. Post updates, press releases, and any other communication messages that you would be sending out, on Tweeter, along with a link to the original location of the message. It would do you good to also send out to the community, other relevant industry-level or other useful messages, from time-to-time.

Tip 3: Post Special Offers

In the short space of 140 characters, you could actually inform the community about special promotional offers that you might have. It could be a sale, or a product launch with an introductory price. You could also include the URL of the actual sale or promotional location on your website, in the Tweeter message itself.

As you can see, Twitter marketing can be simple, yet so powerful and effective.

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