Monday, 3 September 2012

Make Money Uploading Videos - How Can You Make Money Uploading Videos On YouTube?

It is very easy to make money uploading videos onto YouTube if you just know how. Many, many thousands of people (probably tens of thousands) are already doing it.

The question is: Which videos make peanuts and which make the big bucks?

The Peanuts

If you see those YouTube videos with ads on the bottom, sure they can make you a lot of money. But only if you're incredibly popular and getting millions of views. You've got to have some special talent or be very entertaining in a way that people like. Otherwise you'll just earn peanuts like the vast majority of people running those ads.

The Big Bucks

To earn the big bucks, you need to play it smart.

First, you need to attract the right people in the first place. You can do this by strategic use of keywords. For example, a video title of "How To Lose Weight Fast And Now" is better than "weight loss tips".

Second, you need to give them the right video that will warm them up and get them to trust you. This means giving some good info. Don't worry, this process can be completely automated although often it can be better to make a little extra effort here because it will reward you more in the long run.

Third, you need to get them to click your link in the description box. Your link will be an affiliate link which means you'll make a commission if they end up buying. You can promote all kinds of products and services and get paid for it. But if you don't tell people to click and so they never do then you won't make any money!

So remember: get the right viewers, give them something useful, get the click. It's that simple.

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