Saturday, 8 September 2012

Home Business Tips - 20 Amazing and FREE Options to Promote Your Online Home Business

If you are on a shoe-string budget or just don't want to spend a fortune on website and product promotion, you can use these fantastic and amazingly effective FREE options to promote your online home business, products and services.

I listed 20 FREE (or almost free) options and tactics to promote your online home business and attract tons of traffic to your website or blog. These FREE options will generate a viral buzz by boosting awareness as well as publicity and best of they are free.

1. Start a blog. You use a FREE service like Blogger or WordPress. Both have some gorgeous themes that are FREE and really user friendly. Any newbie can use them.

2. Create or update your XML sitemap and upload it to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools.

3. Create a slideshow of your products or services or record an original how-to video and upload to a video sharing site like YouTube. Be sure to tweak and optimize your title and descriptions. After it's uploaded, write a new page and embed the video on your own blog or website.

4. Create a Flickr account and share your photos – get a profile, write descriptions, and link to your website. Remember don't share photos you don't own or have permission to use.

5. If you want mentions and links write a "how-to" article with details about your niche for or Create a detailed and informative article of your products or services in a step-by-step format. This extremely useful to help you describe your products and services on your own website.

6. Create unique HTML page titles for all of your blog or website pages. This is an immensely crucial step.

7. Create a Press Releases - yes they are still effective. PRWEB and Vocus charge a fee but I listed the best free press release sources below:

8. Send your press release to your local media outlets, or any niche media outlets that may be interested product or services.

9. Claim, verify, and update your Google Local Business listing. This is another crucial promotion strategy. Google Local Listings have been integrated into Google+, so be sure to review this awesome toolsat to keep current on how to mantain your Google Local Listing.

10. Remember to keep your Bing and Yahoo Local listings up to date.

11. Update and optimize your description and URL at They'll attempt to sell you an upgraded listing or some other search marketing tool. But you really don't have to just ensure the information is updated and correct.

12. Add Google Analytics if you don’t have any tracking software. The program is completely FREE and pretty darn good. It's very important so don't forget.

13. Start Twittering or tweak and optimize your current Twitter account now – it's an awesome way to network with similar or related busineses.

14. Pinterest is extremely popularnow. If you have visually enticing content that is appealing to the site's demographic you'll be very successsful promoting your website, products and services. Review Pinterest's Marketing guidelines before you start marketing on Pinterest.

15. Create a new list in Twitter and follow profiles of industry GURU's you know and trust. Use this as your modern feed reader its better than using RSS feed readers.

16. Create a Facebook Page to attract potential clients for your products or services. Use Facebook to create groups, events, and photo albums. And make sure to link to your Facebook profile from your site and allow visitors to your site to like and share your content.

17. Use your Bing Webmaster Tools account to review your incoming links. How do they look? Are all of the sites similar or related to the subject of your site? If there not tweak your link building strategy and contact the sites and ask them to remove your link. It is vital to have a clean and relevant incoming link profile.

18. Join relevant or niche-related groups on LinkedIn and answer group questions and post news and event about your business.

19. Search for bloggers to review your business, services and products. Use search query queries like such as "[your product type] + reviews [or] review" (e.g., "skincare product reviews"), to find promotional review opportunities for your product promotions. You can also use free link building tools from to create search queries.

20. Ensure you website visitors can share you content easily by adding social sharing icons site-wide (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). If you have a Wordpress blog you can use a FREE Wordpress plugin like Sharebar or you can also use Facebook's "Like" button code.

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