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Home Business Tips - FREE DIY Options for Your Online Home Business

For most online home business owners hiring an SEO Expert is not a viable option because they are on a shoe-string budget. So many try to do it themselves "do-it-yourself (DIY)" before hiring the expensive SEO Expert. Unfortunately, most home business owners don't have much free time to devote to learning effective DIY SEO strategies. Especially for home business owners with stressful and difficult day-to-day responsbilities like parenting which requires caring and having quality time for their kids and spouse.

Your most important task is creating an online marketing plan with a detailed list of opportunities and then develop your on page and off page SEO strategy and objectives. You can usually rank in top positions for good, highly converting, moderately competitive keywords within 6-8 weeks with a well prepared content and linking program. Remember to research your top search queries and conversion rates every day to ensure whether or not you are putting enough emphasis on targeting your buyers in search results.

Free DIY SEO Strategies

Develop your keyword opportunity strategy
  • Modify your website’s URLs, meta tags, and content for these keywords.
  • Create new, valuable and useful content related to your keywords 2 to 3 times per week.
  • Disseminate your content on credible, trustworhty and high PR sites with back links (anchor text links) for these keywords at 1-2 submissions per week.
  • Use social media and social bookmarking sites to share your content and link to your site via social networks.
  • Review your Analytics weekly to see what keywords are bringing visitors and conversions as well as how they are interacting with your site.
  • Repeat this process monthly.
It can take from 6-8 months before getting rankings and conversions from high traffic, competitive keywords. An SEO agency would have charged you approximately $6000 prior to getting even one sale from competitive keywords. However, DIY SEO is extremely time-consuming and tedious. Which translates to lost profits because you could have been concentrating on critical tasks like optimizing your website and targeting your potential buyers.

The Importance of Keyword Research for Your Online Business.

There are numerous options to use to find fantastic keyword choices for your blog or website. Google AdWords Keyword Tool is one of the most popular, commonly used and its FREE. You can search for general keywords and many ideas will generate where you can review competitiveness as well as relevancy to your products and services.

With Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, you can find out what your top search queries are and what the conversion rate is for each keyword. If the keyword is moderately competitive and your conversion rate is high, then it would be important to try to rank in the top 5 positions for that keyword to double your conversion rates.

Link Building Defined

Link building is a tactic used to get links back to your site from other sites on the web. Link building is a highly regarded strategy by Internet marketers because Google and other search engines boost your ranking if they deem your is site is pertinent and essential because other sites are linking to yours. However, search engines use many other factors in determining a website's rank.

Why Keywords are More Important Than Link Building and Traffic

Traffic is important and organic rankings are vital for attracting necessary traffic you need to boost sales and link building plays a major role in this; but, the most crucial goal for a new business is to reach your ‘buyers’ – that is, the people who will actually "buy" convert into life-time customers.

The first things you need to determine is finding where your buyers are, in depth keyword research, and developing and sharing content.

This is why keyword research is very important to developing your SEO strategy. Keep in mind, how you search for products and services on the web. Usually a search engine user will start with a general keyword, then find that the results are not sufficiently distinct. Then they search a more specific word or phrase to get the desired results.

For instance, if you need a plastic surgeon for a facelift, you might search for ‘facelift plastic surgeon’, but this search query will give you gobs of nationwide results and you want a facelift with a plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida "facelift plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida. This specific detail will narrow done your results.

Keywords that are more specific are referred to as ‘long-tail’ keywords, and will make up the vast majority of visits to your site over time.

By using long-tail keywords, you can obtain top rankings quicker and it can be achieved by creating new, useful and quality content and proper on-page SEO characteristics. Also, long-tail keywords have a higher conversion rate, up to 50% conversion rates. This means for every 10 website visitors, you may get 5 conversions. This is a very critical factor to remember. With long-tail keyword it takes less time and effort to get top rankings and conversions than with higher trafficked, more competitive keywords.

Why you should not concentrate only on link building.

Concentrating only on link building and boosting page rank for the highest trafficked keywords is not recommended for new business or even an established business. Why? Isn't traffic the answer to boosting sales? Your highest trafficked keywords average a 2% conversion rate, so out of 10,000 visitors to your site, you may get 200 conversions. Also these keywords are routinely the most competitive and extremely difficult to rank for.

Where should you look for back links?

This is a critical aspect of your link building strategy. First, you need to submit your website or blog to respected and valuable search engines, such as Alexa and DMOZ as well as business directories and networks, such as Manta, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Merchant Circle, etc.

Use top article directories when distributing your content. These directories are awesome for generating both high traffic and increases in rankings for anchor text keywords and links. Here is a fantastic list to use:
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
Press releases are an extremely valuable tool to use to get thousands of quality backlinks and gobs of traffic pouring into your blog or website. There are free sites, such as, but you get optimum results when you need to use a large network service such as,, or

If you use a good and large press release service for your press releases, you can get thousands of quality backlinks from other sites in just days, a huge flow of targeted traffic, media exposure, and listed with authoritative news sites.

This why it is so important for online home business owners to subscribe to a good press release distribution service and consistently publish press releases 3-4 quarterly.

DIY SEO is not a piece of cake but it can be done efficiently. Your customers and potential customers are turning to search engines to look for the exact services and products you provide on daily basis - so you need to accurately target them.

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