Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Clickbank: Pros and Cons Of Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

These Clickbank pros and cons should give you a better idea of whether you want to promote products as a Clickbank affiliate marketer.

Here are my Clickbank pros and cons:

* Newbie Friendly - Clickbank is suitable for newbies because there is no approval process and you just pick a product that you want to promote and go and promote it.

* High Commissions - Clickbank products typically pay out at between 50% and 75% commissions. And since some products can cost in the $97+ region, then these amounts add up quite nicely. This provides more earnings than promoting typical Amazon products for 4% commissions.

* Product Name Keywords - A great way to get started as an affiliate marketer in the Clickbank market place is to target product name keywords and get your link in front of customers just before they buy. I recommend researching for lots of low competition, long tail keywords in addition to the obvious product name and product name review phrases.

* High Competition - A Clickbank disadvantage is that there is a lot of competition. If you type in a Clickbank product name into Google then you will see numerous affiliate review sites pop up all targeting that product. It is hard to stand out. You sometimes feel as though there are more affiliates than potential customers.

* High Output - Whilst Clickbank pays out good commissions, you still need to make daily sales to earn a living with Clickbank. To help with this it is advised to build an email list to promote other products to, as well as try and get your articles syndicated on authority sites in your niche.

I find it easier to make a decent living by promoting monthly recurring products and not just one-off Clickbank sales..

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