Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Can you make a million in 24 Hours?

That's the thing about the IM niche. It's new members often forget/don't know that the offline direct response method is used in online marketing. Making internet marketing only one aspect of the business, as it merely is where the main payment processor is. But the money is in hosting your own live events

And when combined or attached to a high ticket live event/coaching program/V.I.P. Day/workshop etc. The product launches makes millions during the launch period. Often tens of thousands are even made in the soft launch to test and tweak the payment system.

Selling $47 products alone online is not going to make you millions in sales without alot of jv partners and affiliates. It's those dvd/video sales of that live event that makes that high backend income.

I always post on the newbies question how to make money over night etc.

That if you have a high converting weight loss/make money online /pickup hot girls product to promote that you selling for $100+, or even find an affiliate product that sells for $100+ from clickbank or digiresults(Pays your commission from each sale directly into your paypal account). Then borrow a $80 from a family member or friend, someone who wants to see you succeed. Start an ad campaign of $80 on a website called adfly to get 100,000 view to your offer in less than one day.

If that product converts at 1% = 1000 sales x $100 x 75% commission = $75,000.00

So if you wanted to scale that up to $7,5Million then you would need $1000 product 75% $750 x 10,000 sales from a million views from paid traffic on websites like facebook, pintrest, plenty of fish etc.

But what would be better will be to get in touch with a list broker with buyers who bought similar products in your niche in the last 30 to 90 days. sending to a million of those or even 100,000 of views will convert higher if your sales funnel is optimised correctly with high ticket backend products.

Yes It's event planning...Now the internet marketer needs to learn a new skill to book hotels to host the 3 day $10,000.00/$15,000.00 live event. Getting butts in seats will land you your million dollar days.

It's fun though knowing how to plan a live event or producing your own television show around your business to command your high ticket fees and have your happy clients gladly pay you and give raving testimonials of their transformation process thanks to you.

People who make millions online have been to 3 day seminars, 1 day workshops, 1 week bootcamps, because thats where the transformation process happens. There is nothing like looking around in the filled room from the stage and seeing all the light bulbs go off with all the business ideas and joint venture partnerships that are negotiated at places like that. You get to rub shoulders with multi-millionaires who mentor and coach people 1 on 1 and group coaching with paying clients of $10,000.00 to $20,000.00. And they easily sell a thousand to 7000 of those using just paid traffic. That's besides their other affiliates sending out emails to their high converting mailing lists. Yes their company turns over $140million per year in sales. Give or take paying affiliates and jv partners.

So that's how you make a million over night. Only by investing in yourself and in your own education first with people who are in the monthly income bracket that you want to be in.

My one mentor's net worth was $400Million back in 2009 when he mentored me. Today in 2015 they call him the $50billion man

So be prepared to invest atleast $1000 to $2000 on your own education first and attend a live event and crack the money making code

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