Friday, 29 May 2015

20+ Sites Where You Can Embed Your YouTube Video to Get Thousands of More Views

Before starting your video marketing, you need to know you have numerous ways to promote your video. There are many options on the Internet to promote and distribute your online videos.
On the Internet there are many sites that allow you to embed your video so you can get extra promotion. One of the best is If you uploaded a “how to” video on a video site like Viddler, YouTube, Metacafe or any other video site that generates an embed code, you can use that code to and post to By doing this your going to get hundreds of more view for your video.

Below I listed numerous other sites on the Internet where you can also embed your video and get more views for your video:

Internet Sites You Can Embed Your YouTube Videos for Extra Promotion (Social Bookmarking for Videos)

Other popular sites include Viddler, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and Veoh.

These sites syndicate your videos. In other words, it’s similar to article syndication but 10 times more effective.

Other Tips to For Your Video Marketing:

· Facebook, is the most popular website online and it can be an awesome option to host business videos. Why? Your target audience is probably on Facebook already. And you can tag Facebook friends and colleagues in videos also. This will send them a notification, encouraging them to watch and share your videos.
· Keep in mind that even though Facebook has over 901 millions users, Internet video sharing is not the focal point of Facebook. You will able to reach a wider audience with YouTube.
· The reason you can reach a much bigger audience by posting your videos with YouTube is that you reach iPhone and iPad users. And also benefit from YouTube search.
· Your videos get viral exposure and massive exposure with YouTube. YouTube is awesome for sharing valuable, useful content with your target audience because you have the potential to build a huge, devoted and loyal following!
· YouTube is an easy marketing strategy that any small business can use and it can be a critical component of the content you promote to attract people to you and your business
· People won’t be able to find your videos using Google.

Last but not least, You can also submit your videos to any of the Ning Communities online. These are social networking communities based on countless niche subjects. And they include every subject you can think of. These social communities have thousands of users and you can submit blog posts and articles to all of them. When you submit those articles and blog posts, they’ll show up on the front page of the Ning Community, which is immensely effective for promoting your business.

Very few marketers take advantage of these amazing resources. And it’s one of the easiest options available to get thousands of more views for your videos. This strategy is an asset for any online business.

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