Monday, 1 December 2014

Free Giveaways

Free giveaways are essential to any IM business. For one thing, people expect to get them. There is so much free information on the Web that if you don’t offer something beyond what they can discover with a cursory search, then your visitors will simply go elsewhere.

But there is another reason why you must give them a free giveaway, and that’s because it’s a way for them to discover if you’re right for them. 

They have a problem. They need someone to help them solve it. They’ve come to your website, probably as the result of seeing some of your content elsewhere on the Web. And now they’re on your site trying to decide if they should take the next step.

Some supermarkets, for example, offer free samples. In fact, the joke is that if you go in on the right day, you can have enough of them to replace a meal.

But if you like what you try for free, then you’ll probably buy a package; and that’s why they give you a taster. It’s an incentive. 

A free giveaway does the same thing. It gives people a taste of you. It gives them a little morsel without asking for a financial commitment. And that tiny crumb must leave them hungry for more.

This is where so many sign-ups are lost. There’s a misconception in the IM industry that the free giveaway isn’t that important; that it’s a throw away item that can be created in a couple of hours. 

There’s another misconception about free giveaways, and that is that they should contain less value than the giveaways that are sold. The truth is that if you’re unwilling to give people something that they value, then you can hardly expect them to buy a giveaway that you claim is valuable. In other words, you have to prove to them first that it does.

So you can see, the success of your business hangs on that free giveaway.

There is more information on the Web than anyone can use – ever. So whatever you know about your niche, they probably know, too. That’s why offering a free giveaway that teaches them about something that is already on the Internet has no value. 

They already know.

If you’re getting traffic, but have a low sign-up rate, then the weak link is undoubtedly your free giveaway. Make that your focus. 

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