Monday, 1 December 2014

Failure Corps (Articles/Blogs): Tell me about your failures/attempts!

Ok i keep seeing this reocuring theme with people wanting to start blogs/write articles in the aim of getting viral or jumping SEO and then scorring Adsense revenue for a reliable "passive " income. You hear about ( rarely) winners here and there but id like to hear about all the people who have tried or are still trying. Then id like to add this information to a table. So tell me:

Blog/Article Market: What market were you in? health? adult? techonology?

Number of Articles/posts: How many articles did you get out?

Years Running/Ran: How long has everything been out there?

Total Earnings: How much total did you make from adsense?

Avg Profit per month: Earnings/time runing, how much did you make in profit, if you payed for articles factor that in.

WarriorBlog/Article MarketNumber of Articles/PostsYears Running/RanTotal EarningsAvg Profit/Month

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